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We prioritize value, quality and family time in everything we do.

Creating quality sporting goods for people to enjoy their best lives

At GQ Alpha, we create “quality products for real life” by closely monitoring all aspects of product creation and development, operations, production, and processes. Our products are designed for consumers that lead active, value-conscious lifestyles while offering a wide array of affordable choices of sporting goods equipment and accessories.

Our Brand


GQ Alpha products are engineered with the highest care and detail, utilizing only the best materials and newest technologies in order to provide top-notch performance and durability for our active and value-conscious lifestyle customers.
Product Registration

Take advantage of the warranties and support services you will receive when you register your product with us, as well as important updates and information about the product.

Product Videos

Browse through our product video collection for how-to instructions, product information, and equipment installation for your knowledge and convenience.

Product Manuals

Our simple and easy-to-learn product manuals are available to provide you with product installation, warranty information, instructions, and product safety warnings.

Customer Service

Get easy access to our customer support for parts requests, general inquiries, or if you are experiencing any problems with our products; our customer service representatives are here to assist you.

Global Compliance and Safety

GQ Alpha values the well-being of all employees, who are involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of our sporting goods. Safety is a top priority not only at the facilities we operate but also for our end-users. Our products are manufactured in safe working conditions, thoroughly tested for safety, and packaged with all relevant warnings and instructions. GQ Alpha adheres to all CPSIA guidelines and meets ASTM, CE, and European TUV/GS standards.

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